Preventing Cervical Cancer

In India cancer of the uterine cervix is the most often seen cancer in women. Research shows women’s preventative health is difficult due to resource constraints, and when dysplasia is found many women don’t get treatment due to extensive travel requirements and costs.

Ethonova is leveraging its team’s expertise in cryotherapy and working with partners in India to develop a clinic-based pap smear that produces fast results– results that ensure same-day diagnosis and treatment that can save lives.

Given the unique health challenges in the developing world, Ethonova is also exploring the approach of a cervical ablation procedure for women that can’t afford, or don’t have access to, pap smears. The procedure would improve the health of the patient’s cervix with a very low cost procedure, resetting the cells on the cervix to combat the dysplasia that may, if unchecked, evolve into cervical cancer.

This procedure would use an Ethonova device currently in prototype stage of development. Leveraging low-cost materials the device has been designed to be reusable with the exception of a small CO2 cylinder resulting in a cost of just pennies per treatment.