Holistic Human Needs

Often when addressing the challenges of poverty the focus is on the most basic physiological needs: food, shelter, safety, health. Patrice Martin, a Co-Lead and Creative Director at IDEO.org, explores the possibility of greater impact when supporting personal growth around identity, aspirations and values.

We’re inspired by IDEO.org’s work in sub-Saharan Africa — in partnership with Marie Stopes International and the Hewlett Foundation— to empower Divine Divas and support women’s health.

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New Polio Cases in Nigeria Prompt Concern and a Swift Response


The two new polio cases in Nigeria are the first detected on the African continent in more than two years.

Nigerian health officials plan to vaccinate nearly 5 million kids across the northeast of the country in an effort to contain this latest outbreak.

Until this discovery the Polio virus looked to be on the brink of defeat. Thanks to the successful collaboration between African Nations and Health organizations Africa had not had a single case of Polio in over 2 years.

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