Ethonova is building partnerships with healthcare providers, innovators, investors, and philanthropists across the globe. We’re interested in building relationships with private and public leaders in healthcare, in both the West and across the developing world. We’re speaking with healthcare providers and hospitals, social enterprises in healthcare innovation, grant making partners, and more to create a global community challenging the status quo.

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NarayanaHrudayalayaNarayana Health

“At Narayana Health we are convinced that quality and lowest-cost are not mutually exclusive when it comes to healthcare delivery. In fact we are well on our way to …. create an affordable, globally-benchmarked, quality healthcare services model”

– Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, Founder & Chairman, Narayana Health, Banglore, India

Narayana Health is leading the shift toward low-cost, quality healthcare in India. Their approach brings down the cost of surgery dramatically, and includes a micro-insurance program to ensure affordability for India’s rural poor. Ethonova is proud to work with Narayana, an organization that share our values and vision.

Learn more about Narayana Health on their website, and on a recent story by PBS NewsHour.



Respirix, a San Francisco based spin out of TheraNova, has like-minded mission to Ethonova. With their innovative product Cardiospire, they’ve created a reliable heart monitoring product that costs multitudes less then the alternatives.

By working together, Ethonova and Respirix aim to utilize each others strengths to bring affordable healthcare to the majority of the worlds population.




Located in San Francisco CA, TheraNova is a medical device development company focused on developing solutions to large markets with unmet needs. TheraNova accomplished this through two separate pathways- internal concept generation and development and external project support.

Learn more about TheraNova on their website, and in a story by MedCityNews.