Advisory Board

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Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty

Dr. Shetty is a healthcare pioneer, surgeon and Chairman of Narayana Health in India. A trusted leader transforming healthcare for the poor, Narayana treats over 2 million patients a year, and has driven down the cost of surgery while keeping a close eye on profitability.

Ethonova works closely with Dr. Shetty and his associates as we research products moving through our innovation pipeline. Known as the ultimate authority in the treatment of  critical care patients on a mass scale, his priorities are clear: “[We] will do what is good and what is right for our patients.”

Dr. Shetty had this to say about Accuryn, Ethonova’s cardiac monitoring catheter and debut product:

“Monitoring cardiac output accurately can make a difference between life and death for any patient in critical care unit.  Accuryn is a unique concept of making urinary catheter which is inserted to virtually every patient in the ICU a smart tool to get data on tissue perfusion which reflects cardiac output.  Any other means of getting data on cardiac output and tissue perfusion is invasive with associated complications.  Accuryn can be a path breaker.”



Raghu Dharmaraju

Raghu is a veteran product+business builder that has led bold missions in uncharted waters. He took the Embrace infant warmers (award-winning medical devices) from a handful of customers to 200,000+ babies including those in war-torn areas such as Syria-Jordan border.

Over past 15 years, Raghu worked closely with innovators to launch path-breaking products — medical devices, consumer durables, automobile technologies, and solar technologies — at innovative Fortune 500 companies and pioneering Startups / Social Enterprises.