Intensive Care Study in India highlights need for Accuryn™


Recently the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine released a study of care in the ICU in India, finding that nearly 30% of patients suffered severe sepsis or a high level of septic shock.

Patients in the ICU need to be monitored both constantly and simultaneously. However, due to the high volume of ICU patients in India, medical staff cannot devote as much attention as is needed to each patient. Previous studies have shown a powerful relationship between the time a change in condition is noticed by medical staff and health outcome.

The study of 120 ICU’s provides a valuable snapshot of intensive care in India– and the threat of sepsis:

“…[The study results] include a moderate severity of illness, with relatively high mortality in patients with severe sepsis and septic shock, patients on vasopressors or inotropes, or receiving mechanical ventilation [in the ICU.]”

Findings like these inspired our development of Accuryn™, a new critical-care monitoring device utilizing a catheter — and Ethonova’s flaship product. Read the Full Study here, and connect with Ethonova to keep in touch with our journey to transform healthcare in the developing world.